joy. restaurant’s menu changes often, depending on inspiration at the time. Because of this, we are unable to provide an exact menu for the night you will be dining with us. We can however provide an example of a menu you may encounter at joy. We will always consider any dietary requirements you make us aware of in your reservation. We have a concise beverage list- offering wine, sake, lager, spirits and sodas, as well as a pairing option.

Joy Menu Spring 2019
$100 (9 courses)

chawanmushi/corn/smoked cream/tarragon/quinoa

venison & wagyu tartare/golden sesame/celeriac

confit squid/zucchini/fragrant herbs

buckwheat bread

king prawn/fermented chilli/baby turnip/peanut plant/pizzo

Jacks Creek Wagyu/wasabi leaf/sorrel/cabbage

rockmelon/kanzuri/pineapple sage

cherry blossom/green tea sponge/white chocolate/musk/sour strawberry

‘Joy’ Mont Blanc